Creator and Lead Strategist,
Reignite Her Light
"You can #HaveItAll...
as long as YOU'RE the one 
who defines what 'IT ALL' 
means to you!"
I Believe...
I believe every woman has the right to define success, to be fulfilled in all that she does, and to challenge any belief that limits her possibility. 
The Old Paradigm...
The old paradigm of living someone else's dream is archaic and unacceptable. My clients and I are committed to living life to the fullest and reaching our peak potential. So, I created the Reignite Her Light System - an evolutionary framework for strategically designing, building and living life the way you WANT to live, not just the way your are expected to live.
It's Not About Leaving Your Job...
It’s not about leaving your job. It’s about making YOUR mark. You have the power…and the responsibility…to do so.

What Clients are Saying...

”Amazing! What she teaches is phenomenal. I’m excited about so many changes I’ve made working with Dr. Martin and I look forward to all of my endeavors from this day forward”. I’m so glad I did not miss this opportunity to live in my purpose, walk out my dreams.”

- C. Johnson (San Jose, CA)
"The insight and ideas Dr. Kim has brought into my life and business have changed how I think and act. Her approach to living a fulfilled life is unlike anyone I've experienced. I am an entrepreneur and speaker and want to be my best for those I serve. I needed the best, and that’s Dr. Kim Martin."

- K. Taylor (Atlanta, GA)
”Dr. Kim uniquely, genuinely and passionately lives her vision of success and fulfillment. She inspires us to reach our full potential, and has a formula for doing so without the expense of ourselves or our families. She helped me to embrace the courage to make MY mark and enjoy the process."
- K. G. Burton (Dallas, TX)
I've dedicated my time and business to learning, researching, studying and creating different methodologies and strategies to help successful women create the type of fulfillment they truly want in their career, in their business and in their lives. 

My clients experience increase in performance and productivity, release the guilt of wanting more, and courageously and systematically integrate fulfillment in their lives as a priority, not an after thought.

Find and Follow your North Star!
Even if the Flame Has Grown Dim... 
You CAN Reignite Your Light. 


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